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Foster Pet Introductions: Introducing a Foster Cat to Your Resident Dog

Learn how to introduce your foster cat to your resident dog!

It’s old fodder for cartoonists and children’s programs: golf stroke a dog and a cat along. And if the previous are to believed, you must stand back from admixture these 2 animals at any value.

But don’t let that counsel you. in line with specialists, it’s attainable to foster a cat after you have already got a dog, and have the 2 live along harmoniously.

They key, though, is to form positive you’ll live jubilantly with them, too, which you’re not spreading yourself too skinny and may still act with every animal and exercise your dog. variety of specialists offer their recommendation to Petside readers concerning fostering a cat after you have already got a dog:

If your dog is to a fault rollicking, moot concerning introducing a cat to your house as he may injure a cat.

Pay lots of attention to your resident dog after you foster a cat. If something, pay a lot of attention therefore she doesn’t feel neglected.

Keep the animals separate initially, employing a barrier or baby gate or golf stroke the dog in an exceedingly separate area. “It’s up to the owner to form positive they’re snug around one another, and this enables the cat to analyze if it needs,” says Victoria Wells, senior manager of behavior and coaching at the ASPCA’s Adoption Center in the big apple town. “If there’s no hissing, excessive interest on the dog’s half, then you may consider introducing them.”

Make sure each animals’ claws are cut, suggests Wells, particularly the cat’s, since dogs’ claws tend to be filed down through walking. Most shelters can do that for you.

Provide your foster cat with concealing areas, largely high ones, she says. “You don’t must get an upscale cat abode however perhaps some bedding in an exceedingly shelf, therefore he will depart from the dog.”

If you plan to possess the foster cat go throughout the house, it’s a decent plan to provide the cat quiet time to let it explore the house while not the dog, till it finds places to cover, says Dr. fair Beaver, academic at the school at American state A&M University and past president of the yankee Veterinary Medical Association.

Keep the cat litter, food and water out of the dog’s reach—maybe elevated. And keep the dog’s food out of the cat’s territory. Neither animal will digests the other’s food, Wells warns.

Ensure that your dog is nice together with his obedience skills, particularly with recall and “leave it” that might be used for the cat, cat toys, or pet-food, Wells says.

Have separate toys, each for territorial reasons and since each fancy completely different playthings. however most significantly, Wells points out, as a result of dogs will swallow cat toys.

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